This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Questions-1024x244.pngHere is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers related to the Shared Virtual Account Program:

Q1: Does the Zoom fee remain the same regardless of when I join?

  • Yes, the Zoom fee remains the same for the calendar year regardless of when you join. Groups that pay the fee after December 1st are paying for the upcoming calendar year.

Q2: When will I receive my Zoom link, Zoom ID number, and password?

  • We try our best to send you your Zoom information two weeks after you have put your request in and the office has received your payment.  

Q3: When our meeting joins the Shared Zoom Account is the Zoom information automatically updated on the website meeting list?

  • No. The group must request a change to their meeting listing when the group is ready to make this change. Do this by clicking on your meeting on the website meeting list, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking “request a change to this meeting”.  Please make sure to include all three zoom information items (ID, PW, and Link) no need to include the dial-in number.   

Q4: Does it matter that the dial-in # on the website is different from the dial-in # we received with our shared zoom account information?

  • No. Any Zoom dial-in number works so it doesn’t matter if the dial-in# is different.

Q5: Is the shared Zoom account reliable?  

  • Yes, the weekly MA meetings on our Shared Zoom Account have been very reliable. 

Q6: How do I attend this Zoom meeting?

  • The simplest way is to sign into the meeting by clicking your meeting on the MA website and then clicking the join by Zoom button.  You can also click on the link or enter the Zoom ID and Password. 

Q7: How do I claim the host key in the meeting?

  • First, join the Zoom meeting as stated above. Next, click on the participants icon at the bottom of your Zoom window. Then, click on Claim Host at the bottom right-hand corner of the participants list.  It will ask you for your 6-digit host key.  Enter that and hit okay.  Be aware that If the host leaves the meeting without making someone else the host, the meeting will end for everyone.  

Q8: Can the host make someone else the host or a co-host?

  • Yes, click on the participants icon at the bottom of your Zoom window. Next, look for the name of the participant who you would like to be co-host. Hover your cursor over the participant’s name. After, click the ellipsis icon (…).  When you click this icon, there are a number of actions that the host can do including making the participant the host or co-host.  Only the host and co-hosts can share their screens, mute or rename another participant, or remove someone from the meeting if they are disruptive.

Q9: Should everyone in the group have the host key code?

  • It is suggested that the host key is only shared with the members who will serve as hosts for the meeting. If someone is hosting the meeting and does not have the host key, someone with the host key can make them the host or co-host once the meeting has started. 

Q10: I tried to log into my Zoom meeting but it put me in a waiting room.  Why is that?

  • You were likely put into the waiting room because you signed into the meeting before your allotted day/time.  You can only join your meeting when it is less than 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.  Your meeting must end within 2.5 hours of the start time- this is so it will not interfere with the next scheduled meeting. 

Q11: How early can I log into my Zoom meeting?

  • You can log into your meeting 15 minutes prior to when your meeting starts. For example, if your meeting begins at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays, you can log in as early as 6:45 PM on Wednesdays.

Q12: Can I test my Zoom link before we launch it on the website?

  • Yes!  Once you have received your Zoom link, Zoom ID number, password, and host key, your zoom slot is ready to be used.  We strongly suggest that you try your link out a week or two prior to your new meeting link being used (at the same day and time as your scheduled meeting) in case  you run into any problems.  If there is a problem logging into your account when you test it, please contact  Remember, you can only test during your weekly time slot.  When you are ready to launch the meeting, please request a change to your meeting listing on the MA website meeting list  (see Q2 for information on how to do this). 

Q13: Can anyone post a link in the chat?

  • Yes, anyone can post a link in the chat.  This can be very helpful if you would like to link to a website page such as the monthly bulletin or an event on the website calendar.  Any link that starts with https:// will create a clickable blue link in the chat. 

Q14: If I have any questions about the MA Al-Anon Shared Zoom Account, who do I contact?

  • Please read these frequently asked questions and the Shared Virtual Account procedures as your questions may have been answered.   If you have any questions about your meeting Zoom information, general meeting information, or payment for the Zoom account, please contact our office manger at or 508-366-0556.  If you have any questions how to log into your meeting using your new shared Zoom account information, please contact
Q15: How can I share documents or files within the Zoom chat feature?
  • There are two ways to do this.   The first is to create the file into a GoogleDoc.  This can be done if you have a Gmail email account.  If you open the file through your Gmail, you can download it as a GoogleDoc and then save it as a GoogleDoc.  Saving it as a GoogleDoc will create a link which will allow you to share it in the Zoom chat.  The second way is to share the documents through DropBox. Go to for more information on how to share documents on this platform.
Q16: How can I change my gallery view during a Zoom meeting to put those who have turned their video off at the end end of my gallery view?
  • Please go to this link and look under the heading “How to hide participants who have their video turned off“.  Please note that it is important to click on the “hide non-video participants” twice to ensure that they are the bottom of the gallery view.  If not, you will not be able to “see” the non-video participants when they speak.
Q17: How can I “pin” the speaker?