Search Tips: There are many ways to search for one of our over 300 listed meetings. There is a general search category or you can select a meeting by City, Town, District, Day, Time, or Type. Leaving the fields on “any” will locate a wider number of meetings to view.

To Search by district, be certain to type the word district and the district number in quotation marks in the first search box. It is important to use 2 digits for your district number i.e. “district 02”

If your Group was assigned to the Electronic District (25), you can find it by searching for Cuttyhunk in the second search box and you will find all electronic groups in district 25.

The “Type” menu includes In-Person, Online, Adult Child Focus, Alateen, Step Meeting, etc. Use the general search field to find a meeting not listed under Type (i.e.. “ASL”).

Under the “any time” search box, Morning runs till 11AM; Mid-day till 4PM; Evening till 8PM; Night 8pm on. Some meetings on the time cusps may appear on either side of the time break.

Search a word in the general search box (the first one). Entering a word like courage, will list all meetings with that word in its name. You can narrow that search by selecting a day, or time for meetings with the word courage.

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