When I Got Busy, I Got Better (P-78)

When I Got Busy, I Got Better (P-78)
The secret to recovery is service. Members share how Twelfth Step work builds self-esteem, confidence, and trust while reducing fear and isolation. 64 pages. (P-78) $4.00
Service – Take a risk and grow! When I first attended meetings and listened to members share their experience, strength, and hope, I started to feel better. I wanted what they had –peace and serenity. I wanted to feel like I belonged. I needed to participate. I needed to take a risk and grow. At first I could set up chairs, make coffee, or read a page. Little by little I learned to say “yes” to service. I eventually said “yes” to serving as Group Representative (GR). This kept me showing up at the meeting week after week. I was no longer on the outside looking in. I was truly a part of the group. I belonged.
This book, “When I Got Busy, I Got Better” is filled with rich member sharings that help me to see my own growth through service. I can replace isolation with community today. You can too! Take a risk and say “yes” to service. When I got busy in service, learned to trust and let go of my fear, I got so much better.
By Sandy F., Area Literature Coordinator