Paths To Recovery (B-24)

My copy of this book is a well-worn and much used piece of Conference Approved Literature (CAL) in my book-bag.  The member’s sharings and the questions at the end of each chapter have helped me to grow in my program and to see myself more clearly.  I became more familiar with this book at my home group Step meeting, as it was often used in the meeting.  Listening to the other members share on this week’s Step, after reading the applicable chapter with the group, added to my understanding.  I have worked through the entire book with another member, meeting once a week, answering the questions at the end of each chapter, and sharing our experience, strength and hope together.  This was a very rewarding commitment that helped us both grow in our program.  I am forever grateful to all of the members who contributed to the creation of this important piece of CAL.


By Sandy F., Area Literature Coordinator