Discovering Choices (B-30)

Members share how they have improved a wide variety of relationships affected by alcoholism by using the program?s tools. Indexed, softcover. 335 pages. B-30

Choices – In a past significant relationship I felt trapped.  I approached every problem with an all or nothing attitude.  I didn’t know that I had choices.  I just couldn’t see them.  This book, “Discovering Choices” is a gem.  Reading this book and answering the questions at the end of each chapter has helped me to know myself better, to grow as a person, and to see more choices where I thought I had none.


Some quotes from this book that I found helpful:

  • “Recovery means that I can be happy today if I choose to be.” Page 27
  • “The greatest obstacle to letting go is the persistent belief that we have the power to change someone else.” Page 149
  • “When we focus on a future we can’t know, we prevent ourselves from knowing the satisfactions that the present day could offer.” Page 151


Today I know that I have choices in any situation.  For that I am grateful.

By Sandy F., Area Literature Coordinator