As We Understood (B-11)

Spirituality, Al-Anon style. Members share their understanding of the spiritual ideas and tools of the Al-Anon program. Indexed. 273 pages. B-11

The following is my sharing on the book As We understood…
This piece of Conferenced Approved Literature (CAL) has been an important part of my program.  It has helped me to increase my understanding of spirituality and prayer on this journey in Al-Anon.  Especially helpful to me are the references to how to pray.  I like the sharing about how to find God on page 81.  “…Say ‘Good Morning, God’ every morning even if you don’t believe it.”  There are also powerful prayers on pages 214 – 217.

I came to believe with the help of this book, for which I am very grateful.
By Sandy F., Area Literature Coordinator May 2021