Please note we only ship to the 6 New England states (MA, NH, VT, ME, CT, RI).  Members are encouraged to purchase literature from their local Al-Anon Literature Distribution Center.

Effective October 1, 2023
Packing & Handling fees for all purchases through Mass Literature Distribution Center (LDC) via mail or our on-line bookstore through Area 25’s LDC are as follows:
orders totaling $0-$100.00 add $10.00
orders over $100.00 add 10%
orders that are picked up at the office, orders up to $10.00 = $1.00;
over that = 10 % of total

  •  From time to time, some items may not be immediately available and we will place part or all of your order in “Back Ordered” status.  We only carry Al-Anon Conference Approved materials that come from WSO.  If something is on “Back Order” here, it is not available there either.  As soon as we are able to fill the order it will be shipped to you.  If an item will not be available at all, we will contact you so you can select an alternate item.

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