Please use the link to update your Group’s Cancelled meeting on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. You can also let us know through the ‘Request Change to this Listing’ for your meeting on the meeting list. The Area Office will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving and the Day After Thanksgiving.

ADD Your Group’s Cancelled Holiday Meeting

DayDateTownTimeMeeting Name
SaturdayDec. 24thHaverhill5:30 PM30549986 New Day AFG
SaturdayDec. 31stHaverhill5:30 PM30549986 New Day AFG
SaturdayDec. 24thLeominster11:00 AM

47356 Leominster Saturday Serenity

SaturdayDec. 31stLeominster11:00 AM

47356 Leominster Saturday Serenity    Phone Only 929-205-6099

SundayDec. 25thWestwood8:30 AM30666265 Sunday Serenity Step AFG
SundayDec. 25thWestwood10:00 AM30543165 Just The Right Step AFG
SundayDec. 25thFitchburg6:30 PM6193 Step Meeting AFG
SaturdayDec. 24thStockbridge5:00 PM30626219 One Day at a Time AFG