It’s been a busy AND wonderful first year as your Area Delegate. My charge is to get information to the Area fellowship, so this new page is for you! I will keep you informed about what’s happening at WSO (World Service Office) and am available for any questions at

I am honored to serve you and this wonderful fellowship. Our WSC theme for 2022 is: Enhancing Our Recovery Through Abundance, Unity and Understanding. This page will hopefully support this theme!

– Jane P.

  • A Call for Sharings for The Forum — These sharing should be 200-400 words each about how any of these pieces of literature have helped you: Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships, From Survival to Recovery, Lois Remembers, Blueprint for Progress – Due September 12th. Read more about this service opportunity on our Get-Involved page. Jane, please edit this text if you like.
  • 2021 Membership Survey Results In 2021 Al-Anon World Service conducted a member-wide survey. Data was collected through an online questionnaire distributed to Al‑Anon members with varying lengths of membership in English, French and Spanish via email, digital bulletin board, and the organization’s monthly publication. From June to July 2021, 16,486 Al‑Anon members responded to the survey.
  • 2021 Al-Anon World Service Annual Report – Facts you might want to know that are included in the Annual Report:
    • Our Mission statement: “Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. is a spiritually based organization that helps the families and friends of alcoholics connect and support each other through meetings, information, and shared experience.”
    • There is a new Strategic Plan: please see this on my Delegate Report to the Spring Assembly
    • It costs $283.88 per group for WSO to support you. Only 54% of groups donate. Yes, some tiny groups can’t. But can your group do it’s part? Do YOU give a personal donation in gratitude?
    • WSO just hired a new Associate Director-International; Jennifer comes from the Illinois North Area, speaks 5 languages and has deep experience in this area. We welcome her!