As our Massachusetts Al-Anon/Alateen with AA participation fast approaches, I note that the Spring is a busy one for me in service. Two weeks before our Convention is the Northeast Regional Delegate Meeting, on Zoom again this year. This is a gathering of all current and past Delegates from the Northeast region (up and down the East Coast and Canada, including New York). We discuss current topics and, more importantly, greet this year’s new Delegates and help prepare them for their first World Service Conference.

 In April I fly to Virginia Beach for the WSC. I am SO excited about all of the above three and hope to see you at Convention!
Please send cards to me while I’m at Conference, if you are able. Your love and support mean so much to me. 

Send to:
Jane Plummer (hold for WSC 4/20-4/23)
The Founders Inn and Spa
5641 Indian River Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Please put my name and address in the return address in case your card misses me:
409 Hayfield Lane,
Wayland, MA 01778

There will be space at our Convention for you to make Love Gifts (gifts that I share with other
Delegates to take back to their Spring Assemblies and give out). If you can’t make a Love Gift, a
donation to the WSO is a wonderful expression of love.

    • The title for the 2023 World Service Conference (WSC) is: Love, Laugh, and Grow Together.  I assure you I will do all three when I attend in mid April in Virginia Beach, VA. 

    • Have you ever considered becoming a Trustee?  If you are someone who has made service a part of your recovery beyond the group level, please consider applying.  You can look on the WSO website for information and I am available, always, to contact via email ( 

WSO Finances:
Exciting news! THANK YOU for your generosity of giving. Contributions to the WSO exceeded budget amounts and became the highest contribution year in Al-Anon’s history! Our fellowship always comes through!

WSO received $3,337,919 $419,939 OVER budget

Literature sales were $4000 short of budgeted amount and are $900,000 below pre-pandemic
sales levels. 

The WSO has two revenue streams: literature sales and donations. YOU matter. Have you considered setting up a recurring donation with our website? What would happen if EVERYONE gave $5.00 a month. OH MY GOSH.

Trustee applications need to be submitted to me before the June 4 th AWSC meeting. It might
seem far away, but it’s not!

Sending each and every one of you my love and gratitude for the honor of serving