MAY 2024

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AND EVERY GROUP WHO SENT A CARD TO ME AT THE WORLD SERVICE CONFERENCE. What a huge boost and support! Your love and caring helped me so much during very, very long days. I am deeply grateful.

Trustee Openings:  The Northeast Regional Trustee position is open for a 3-year term. Applications for Trustee At Large are open as well. Will you consider stepping up if you have at least 10 years in our program? Information about this is on the WSO website.


All applications must be submitted to me by July 1st, and I will then send this on to the AWSC (Area World Service Conference) members for review.  This is a confidential process.  If the AWSC votes to move the application forward, I will submit it to the WSO by August 15th. If you have done lots of service at the State or World Service level, please consider applying.  You can also apply to be a Trustee At Large and the same timeline applies.

Delegate Report: I will be presenting my Delegate Report at the Spring Assembly on May 18th. I will also download the PowerPoint to the website for your reading, should you choose to. This was my last WSC (World Service Conference), and I was very busy and happy being there. And I am ready to move on at the end of this calendar year. Rotation of service is a key spiritual principle in our program. My report can be reached below.


I am still available to visit your District, so just contact me if you wish at Delegate@alanonma.org

Summer is fast approaching, and the Area does not meet in July and August. Maybe you could do one act of outreach? Our Area has packets for professionals including educators. Please reach out to our Outreach Coordinator at outreach@alanonma.org Service is one leg of the three-legged stool of recovery: The Steps, The Traditions, and the Concepts.

If you are interested in submitting your sharing to the WSO for Publication, this link will help.

Be on the lookout for the WSO Survey in June.

As always, contact me with any questions.

Love in service,

Jane P., Area Delegate