From Survival To Recovery (B-21)

Earlier this year I read From Survival to Recovery once again.  This book is filled with wonderful sharings that have helped me see myself in a new light.  I especially liked Chapter Three, “Picking up the Tools” pages 107-109.  Did you ever wonder what “working the program” means?  I sure have.  Working the program is explained in easy to understand terms in these few pages.  I was deeply touched by the sharing on pages 241-245 “I Didn’t Want a Spiritual Awakening.”  I could identify with being put off by the talk of God and Higher Power.  And what is a spiritual awakening anyway?  Little by slow I came to believe as this member did.  I am so blessed to be able to pick up this book and be inspired in my program and know I am never alone.


By Sandy F., Area Literature Coordinator