In order to address the numerous questions around the procedure for Permanent Electronic Groups to join MA Area 25 , the Task Force has prepared some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My group no longer meets face-to-face and wants to be a permanent electronic group. Do we need to re-register?

  • No, but check that your meeting information is listed correctly on the MA Website Meeting List.. If it is not listed correctly, fill out the ‘Request a Change to this Listing Form” for your group on the website. This link describes how to find this form.

Do groups that meet as ‘hybrid’ need to register as both a face-to-face and an electronic group?

  • No, a hybrid (in-person with an electronic component) group is registered with the address where the face-to-face members meet.

Our group has not decided when we are returning to face-to-face meetings yet. Do we need to register as an electronic group?

  • No. Registration is only required if an online group splits from an in-person group.

Why would our electronic group want to be connected to a geographical district?

  • By connecting with a geographical district, your group may attract local members who meet electronically but may choose to meet in person for sponsoring and fellowship. Your members would also be able to participate in local initiatives such as workshops or local public outreach activities.

What are the benefits to joining the MA Area?

  • By joining the MA Area, and electing a GR, your group has a voice and vote in decisions that may affect your group locally. As part of the MA Area your group members could actively participate in events or public outreach activities planned in your geographical area.

What are the benefits if our group registers with the WSO’s Global Electronic Area?

  • When registered with the WSO’s Global Electronic Area, membership in your group may include people from anywhere throughout the world. Your voice and vote would influence decisions related to how electronic groups in the GEA evolve over time.

How do I get access to the Form so that my group can apply to the MA Area 25 Service Structure?

  • Select this LINK to fill out the “Request Form for PEG to MA Area”.

How do I get access to the GEA Release Form so that my group can apply to the MA Area 25 Service Structure?

  • Select this LINK and fill out the Form to request an Electronic Group Transfer from the GEA to a Geographic Area.

Our Group has become an online and in-person meeting. What do we do?

  • Since your group has retained its in-person meeting status, this group is all set as long as there is one GR for both sections connecting each to the Area Service Structure

Our Group has split into two groups, one meets in person and one meets electronically. Does this procedure apply to our group?

  • Yes, it does. The group that remained in person does not need to do anything. It will retain the Group Registration date & ID. The electronic group will need to get a new group ID by registering with the Area Group Records Coordinator as a new MA Area electronic group. In this case, each group will have it own GR and other group officers such as treasurer and secretary.

Are PEG’s self-supporting like other Al-Anon Groups?

  • Yes. All PEG’s will make every effort to ensure members are aware of and have methods in place to make contributions directly from members to our various service levels (Group, District, Area & WSO)

Are Permanent Electronic Groups different than any other Al-Anon Group?

  • No, A PEG is just like any other Al-Anon Group except it meets electronically instead of in-person. They follow the same Guidelines found in the 2022-2025 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual as well as the Steps, Tradition, Concepts and Legacies.

Can a Permanent Electronic Group selects its district?

  • If a PEG has a connection to a geographic district, then the PEG may join that district. If the district has determined that it is unable to accept a PEG, then the applicant PEG will be assigned to an electronic district, such as District 25. In the case of a district that has no DR, a group with a geographic connection to that district may join the district until the district is able to vote on accepting PEG’s. The AGRC will have knowledge of the districts able to accept PEG’s and will assign accordingly.

Our Group is part of the MA Area Share Virtual Account Program. How does becoming a PEG in the MA Area Service Structure impact our group ?

  • Your group remains part of the Shared Virtual Account Program with the same Zoom links. Once you have completed the request form to join the MA Area Service Structure as a PEG and been notified by the AGRC of the groups district assignment and new Registration Number (if applicable), please fill out this form to provide an up-to-date group contact for your Shared Virtual Account.

How does my group complete the PEG request to join the Area 25 service structure if my group does not yet have a group ID?

  • This situation will likely result from a group that has just formed or split from an in-person group. Fill out the form and leave the text field for group ID blank.

What should I do if I am not sure how to proceed?

  • While we tried to anticipate most circumstances, we likely missed some. Try looking over the FAQ’s, slide presentation and flow chart one more time. Your DR or GR may be able to help answer your questions. If all else fails, you can send an email to with your question or contact the Area Group Records Coordinator at the Area Office.

How will our PEG be identified on the website?

  • All groups will be identified by their WSO Registered ID and Group Name.
  • If your group has been notified by the AGRC that you were accepted in the district you were formerly associated with, it will still be listed with the city or town and zip code the group has listed.
  • If your Group was assigned to the Electronic District (25), you can search by district and select District 25. Alternatively, by searching for Cuttyhunk, you will find all PEG’s in the electronic district.