Area 25 is offering MA Al-Anon/Alateen groups, districts, and area committees the opportunity to join this shared account.
Steps to rent a weekly meeting slot: Before you fill in the form, please complete the following steps.  
  1. Read How This Program Works.
  2. Read Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Check the MA Al-Anon Website Meeting List to make sure this meeting is listed. To participate in this shared account this group must be listed on the MA Al-Anon website meeting list. If this group is not on the MA website meeting list, please contact and get it listed before you fill out the form.
  4. Have this group’s GR or CMA contact information. The form will require the email address of the GR or CMA as well as the person filling out this form to help ensure that the office can reach the group with information regarding the shared zoom account.
  5. Fee: $36 per calendar year regardless of when you join in the calendar year. On Dec. 1st renewal fee and renewal form are due for the upcoming year. If there is a price change for the upcoming year, groups will be notified before Dec.1st. 
  6. Payment: After completing the steps above, please send $36 by PayPal or credit card via the MA website at (please type “Zoom” before entering your group number, group name, day, and town). If you can provide the transaction # from PayPal for this payment on the form, this will speed up the processing of your request. If you prefer to pay by check, mail to the Westborough office with Zoom, group #, group name, day, and town in the memo field of the check.
  7. Fill in the Zoom Meeting Slot Request Form below.
  8. You will receive an email notification detailing your Zoom meeting information. Initially, we are expecting many requests so please be patient as we process these.
  9. Update your meeting information on the MA website meeting list: When your group is ready to begin using the Zoom meeting slot, navigate to your meeting on and select “request a change to this listing”. Enter your new Zoom meeting ID, password, and URL (Zoom link). Typically, it takes a week for the meeting list to be updated.

Note: Annual renewal is due by December 1st for the upcoming year. The Westborough office will notify the group contact if there is a change in the annual fee before the renewal date. Please notify the Westborough office if you do not plan to renew.

Zoom Meeting Slot Request Form