Who is welcome?

Anyone affected by someone else’s drinking is welcome to attend any Al-Anon meeting. You don’t need to decide whether the person is or was an alcoholic, only that your life has been affected by their drinking.

What are open (Family, Friends and Observers) and closed (Family & Friends Only) meetings:

Many professionals in the medical, treatment, legal, and judicial systems, students, and others wish to learn about how Al-Anon may help their clients. Some Al-Anon meetings are open to observers, who wish to learn more about Al-Anon. These open meetings are labeled ‘Families Friends and Observers Welcome’ on our meeting list. Meetings that are closed to observers are labeled ‘Family and Friends Only’. Use the drop-down menu in the field labeled “any type” to find meetings that are for family & friends only.. To find a meeting that allows Observers, type the word observers in the general search field on the far left of the meeting page.

Why are all Alateen meetings ‘closed’?

Alateen is an Al-Anon program for young people in their teens. Alateen groups have one or more adult sponsors who assist them. Because teens need a place that is confidential, adults who are not sponsors cannot attend an Alateen meeting unless the group gives explicit permission. Therefore, all Alateen meetings are NOT open to observers. Any teen who qualifies for Alateen may attend any Al-Anon meeting. Some Alateen groups list ages lower than the teen years, allowing younger children to attend.

How do I search for different types of meetings?

Although Al-Anon principles guide each meeting, each meeting is a little different. At the top of our meeting list is a dropdown menu of different meeting types. If you do not find the type of meeting you would like, try typing a word into the general search field. Newcomers are welcome at any meeting even if it is not designated as a beginner meeting.

How are meetings held?

Al-Anon groups hold in-person meetings in houses of worship, schools, hospitals, and libraries – any place where a group can afford the rent. These groups are not affiliated with the organizations or operator of the building where they meet. Many groups, especially during this time, meet online, either through video meetings or conference calls. Some meetings may be hybrid, meeting both online and in-person.

Remember to practice anonymity

Al-Anon is an anonymous fellowship. This means that anyone attending a meeting in-person or virtually is asked to keep confidential the identities of individuals seen, and everything shared during or after the meeting.