Calling all Group Reps. The May 20th 2023 Spring Assembly will be online only. Click the 2023 Spring Assembly Agenda button below for the agenda, links to assembly documents and presentations. This will be updated as more information is available.

Here are a few things to know when attending the Spring Assembly. Please read carefully as somethings have changed.

  1. Contribution: Since we can’t pass the basket in a virtual assembly, please MAKE a CONTRIBUTION to support our MA Area.
  2. Naming: Please rename yourself as soon as you enter the Virtual Spring Assembly. Follow this NAMING CONVENTION.
  3. Registration: ONLY GRs and Alternate GR’s need to register (along with AWSC members (Area Officers, DR’s, Coordinators, and Chairs). Other attendees do not need to register but do need to follow the Naming Convention. Click the button below if you need to register.

Visit the Assembly Archive to view past assembly documents and presentations