This year’s Spring Assembly was chock full of reports and presentations for Group Reps to share with their groups.

  1. 2022 Spring Agenda

  2. Area Delegate Presentation by Area 25 Delegate, Jane P.

  3. Treasurer Report by Area25 Treasurer, Wendy M.

  4. Bequest — Bequest guidelines were approved by voting members of the assembly. Here are related materials:
    Proposed Bequest Policies/Overview document
    Bequest guidelines Presentation by Area 25 Treasurer, Wendy M.

  5. Permanent Electronic Groups (PEGs) — The proposal to allow groups that will remain permanently virtual (electronic) meetings (PEGs) to request affiliation with the Area 25 Service Structure (Area and possibly District) was approved by voting members of the Assembly. Policy questions about any member residency requirements and specifics of District affiliation were tabled for further discussion within the groups and for a decision at a future Assembly. A Task Force will then be set up to determine specific procedures in accordance with the policy guidance of the Assembly. Here are the related materials:
    Electronic Thought Force Document
    Presentation of Survey Results “ How is your group meeting” by Electronic Thought Force Chair & Area Secretary, David C.

  6. Coordinators and Committee Chair reports 
    -Alateen and MAC report given by Alateen Coordinator, Johanna L. (report available at a later date)
    Convention report– Given by 2022 Outgoing Convention chair, Liz F.
    Outreach– Given by Outreach Coordinator, Lisa R.
    Ways and Means– Given by Ways and Means Coordinator, Liz F.
    Website report– Given by Website Coordinator, Terry S.

  7. Group Records/Area Information Service/ Area Alateen Process Person/Literature Distribution  — report given by Area 25 Office Manager, Marion D. 

  8. Workshop Service Questions to encourage service participation

Do you have questions? Emails for all of the officers, committee chairs, and coordinators can be found on our website contact page.

– In Service, Paul G., Area 25 Chair